Maklyn Roofing Company

Mak-Lyn Roofing Company is located in Houston, TX. Our professional commercial roofing services are designed to increase property value and, unlike other roofing companies, we offer three types of systems: Single Ply, Modified Bitumen, and Built-up systems.

Single Ply Roof Systems

Single Ply Roof Systems are popular for its strength, durability and flexibility. It's waterproof, watertight, and has a highly reflective surface that's energy efficient. Sheets are mostly composed of synthetic polymer that can be adapted to numerous commercial structures.

Modified Bitumen System

This system is asphalt-based and partners the strength and durability of a Built-up Roof with the reflective properties of Single Ply Roof systems. Ideal for flat surfaces, Bitumen roofing is similar to tar and gravel roofing but combines layers of polyester or fiberglass with the bitumen for extra strength and resilience.

Built-Up Roofing BUR System

BUR systems partner layers of reinforced polymer and modified bitumen with felt, giving maximum roofing strength and protection. BUR can be coated with reflective materials to make it energy-efficient. The BUR system is also easy to recover.

Mak-Lyn serves primarily the Houston area, however we do commercial roofing jobs all over Texas and in surrounding states.

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