About Maklyn Roofing

Mak-Lyn Roofing Company became a reality in 1994 and a Texas corporation in 1995. Richard Hart has been in the commercial roofing business since 1979, honing his skills and expertise with industry positions from the bottom up.

His dynamic career in commercial construction has taken him from crew leader and project manager to operations manager where he gathered extensive experience in the calculation of precise estimates. After achieving a commercial vice-presidency, Mr. Hart's dream to have his own commercial roofing company finally came to fruition.

Richard's vision was to create a roofing firm extraordinaire where he would have direct, hands-on involvement. Together with a highly knowledgeable and experienced team of full-service roofing technicians and being committed to 100% customer satisfaction, Mak-Lyn has installed millions of square feet of quality roofing for both small and large companies.

Roughly 80% of the company's work involves re-roofing projects, and 20% of their jobs are for new construction. Clients are protected under full liability and workers' compensation insurance with an experience modifier of .74.

The Mak-Lyn crews have remained the same since the company's inception. They're team players and work together with uncharacteristic efficiency. The team stays on top of the roofing game with annual training seminars about new developments and technologies in the field, to learn about the latest and greatest in innovative roofing products, and to stay informed about current specifications and safety issues.

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