Commercial Roof Inspections & Roofing Surveys

Mak-Lyn Roofing Company in Houston, TX performs comprehensive commercial roof inspections that include a written roof survey report and supplementary photographs. In addition to removal of debris from drains and grates, this service includes a thorough investigation of:

  • Drainage systems functionality
  • Grates that prevent clogging
  • Roofing system sealants and caulking agents for signs of cracking, splitting, and gaps
  • Tie-Ins for signs of failure
  • Evidence of leaks or potential leaks
  • Sheet metal and equipment condition

Most premature roof problems result from a lack of routine roofing surveys and regular maintenance. The cost of a roof inspection is only a small percentage of commercial roof repair or replacement.

Annual or biannual commercial roof inspections should be performed on any roofing system that's more than two years old. Why? It's a cost-effective way to extend the life and well-being of the roof and to avoid costly surprises like damaging leaks and structural deterioration.

All of Mak-Lyn's roofing surveys are presented in an understandable, easy to read format. We document our inspections with photographs and provide detailed information about our findings. We'll assess the existing state of your roof, estimate its life expectancy, and furnish a complete written estimate if any repairs if needed.

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