Commercial Roof Replacements

Mak-Lyn is a full-service roofing company. We've set the standard for striking commercial roof replacements and roof removal jobs in greater Houston, TX. Call us if you need to dispose of old roofing materials; we'll clean things up and get rid of the mess. We're also set to give your property a makeover with a brand new roof installation.

One of the biggest concerns of a property owner when considering commercial roof removal and replacement is the disruption it causes. Cluttered job sites, hazardous debris, and dirt generated during removal can jeopardize your business, scare away customers, and endanger employees.

We'll help you decide on a roofing system that enhances your structure and adds to the property value. Whether you want a commercial roof removal or a new roof installation, call Mak-Lyn. We'll tell you how we can transform the appearance of your commercial property, raise the value of your investment, and make business even better.

At Mak-Lyn, we put your needs first. Commercial roof replacements are performed seamlessly with minimal disruption to the business. Roof removals and commercial roof replacements are carried out smoothly and without chaos. When we're done, we'll leave the site neat with thorough clean-up and disposal services.

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